capsula , gen and pl. capsulae (kap´su-la, -le) [NA]

1. A membranous structure, usually dense collagenous connective tissue, that envelops an organ, a joint, or any other part. 2. An anatomical structure resembling a capsule or envelope.capsule (1); [L. dim. of capsa, a chest or box]
c. adipo´sa re´nis [NA] fatty renal capsule
c. articula´ris [NA] articular capsule
c. articula´ris cricoarytenoi´dea [NA] cricoarytenoid articular capsule
c. articula´ris cricothyroi´dea [NA] cricothyroid articular capsule
c. bul´bi fascial sheath of eyeball
c. cor´dis pericardium
c. exter´na [NA] external capsule
c. extre´ma extreme capsule
c. fibro´sa fibrous capsule
c. fibro´sa glan´dulae thyroi´deae [NA] fibrous capsule of thyroid gland
c. fibro´sa per´ivascula´ris [NA] fibrous capsule of liver (1)
c. fibro´sa re´nis [NA] fibrous capsule of kidney
c. glomer´uli [NA] glomerular capsule
c. inter´na [NA] internal capsule
c. len´tis [NA] lens capsule
c. li´enis fibrous capsule of spleen
c. vasculo´sa len´tis in the embryo, the vascular mesenchymal capsule that invests the lens of the eye; the vessels of the dorsal part of the capsule are branches of the hyaloid artery; those of the ventral part are derived from the anterior ciliary arteries; normally all the vessels are atrophied by the end of the eighth month of intrauterine life.


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