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capture (kap´chur)

Catching and holding a particle or an electrical impulse originating elsewhere. [L. capio, pp. -tus, to take, seize]
atrial c. control of the atria for one or more beats after a period of independent beating, as in complete A-V block or in junctional or ventricular ectopic beats or tachycardias by a retrograde impulse.
electron c. a mode of radioactive disintegration, in which an orbital electron, usually from the K shell, is captured by the nucleus, converting a proton into a neutron with ejection of a neutrino and emission of a gamma ray, and emission of characteristic x-rays as the missing K-shell electron is replaced.K c;
K c. electron c
ventricular c. capture of the ventricle(s) by an impulse arising in the atria or A-V junction.


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