cause (kawz)

That which produces an effect or condition; that by which a morbid change or disease is brought about. [L. causa]
constitutional c. a c. acting from within or through some systemic process or inborn error.
exciting c. the direct provoking c. of a condition.procatarxis (1);
necessary c. an etiological factor without which a result in question will not occur; the occurrence of the result is proof that the factor is operating.
precipitating c. a factor that brings on the onset of manifestations of a disease process.
predisposing c. anything that produces a susceptibility or disposition to a condition without actually causing it.
proximate c. the immediate c. that precipitates a condition.
specific c. a c. the action of which definitely produces the condition in question.
sufficient c. an etiological factor that guarantees that a result in question will occur; non-occurrence of the result is proof that the factor is not operating.


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