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aberration (ab-er-a´shun)

1. Deviating from the normal course or pattern. 2. Deviant development or growth. See also chromosome. [L. aberratio]
chromatic a. the difference in focus or magnification of an image arising because of a difference in the refraction of different wavelengths composing white light.chromatism (2) , color a., newtonian a;
chromosome a. any deviation from the normal number or morphology of chromosomes; also the phenotypic consequences thereof.
color a. chromatic a
coma a. 1. the distortion of image formation created when a bundle of light rays enters an optical system not parallel to the optic axis. 2. in botany, any tuft, as the hairs on a seed, or the greenery on a radish or a pineapple.coma (3); [G. kome, hair, foliage]
curvature a. lack of spatial correspondence causing the image of a straight extended object to appear curved.
dioptric a. spherical a
distortion a. the faulty formation of an image arising because the magnification of the peripheral part of an object is different from that of the central part when viewed through a lens.
lateral a. in spherical a., the distance between paraxial focus of central rays on the optic axis.
longitudinal a. in spherical a., the distance separating the focus of paraxial and peripheral rays on the optic axis.
mental a. disturbed thought or behavior that connotes a psychological or psychiatric impairment. See delusion.
meridional a. an a. produced in the plane of a single meridian of a lens.
monochromatic a. a defect in an optical image arising because of the nature of lenses; the main types are spherical, coma, curvature, and distortion a., and astigmatism of oblique pencils.
newtonian a. chromatic a
optical a. failure of rays from a point source to form a perfect image after traversing an optical system.
spherical a. a monochromatic a. occurring in refraction at a spherical surface in which the paraxial and peripheral rays focus along the axis at different points.dioptric a;
ventricular a. aberrant ventricular conduction


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