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cement (se-ment´)

1. cementum 2. In dentistry, a nonmetallic material used for luting, filling, or permanent or temporary restorative purposes, made by mixing components into a plastic mass that sets, or as an adherent sealer in attaching various dental restorations in or on the tooth. [see cementum]
composite dental c. an organic dental c. modified by the inclusion of inorganic materials treated with a coupling agent to bond them to the polymers.
copper phosphate c. a dental preparation, the combination of a solution of orthophosphoric acid with a c. powder (usually zinc oxide) modified with varying proportions of copper oxide.
dental c. See cement (2).
glass ionomer c. a dental c. produced by mixing a powder prepared from a calcium aluminosilicate glass with an aqueous solution of polyacrylic acid. [ion + -mer (1)]
inorganic dental c. a dental c. consisting usually of metallic salts or oxides which, when mixed with a specific liquid, form a plastic mass that sets.
intercellular c. a hypothetical adhesive substance formerly believed to occur between some epithelial cells.
modified zinc oxide-eugenol c. dental c. obtained by mixing zinc oxide and eugenol with one or more additives.
organic dental c. a dental c. consisting mainly of synthetic polymers.
polycarboxylate c. a powder containing primarily zinc oxide mixed with a liquid containing polyacrylic acid which reacts to form a hard crystalline mass upon standing; when used to lute metal castings to teeth, it has the potential of bonding to the calcium contained in tooth structure as well as to any base metals contained in the casting.
resin c. a monomer or monomer/polymer system used as a dental luting agent; used in cementation of restorations or orthodontic brackets to the teeth.
silicate c. a dental filling material prepared by mixing a modified phosphoric acid solution with a powdered silica alumina fluoride glass.
tooth c. cementum See cement (2).
unmodified zinc oxide-eugenol c. a dental c. obtained by mixing zinc oxide and eugenol without modifiers.
zinc phosphate c. a powder, containing primarily zinc oxide mixed with a liquid containing orthophosphoric acid to form a hard crystalline mass on standing, used in dentistry as a luting agent for cast metal restorations and orthodontic bands, and as a temporary restorative material, or a base under restorations, particularly in deep cavities.


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