centrum , pl. centra (sen´trum, sen´tra) [NA]

center [L. fr. G. kentron]
c. media´num centromedian nucleus
c. medulla´re c. semiovale
c. ova´le c. semiovale
c. semiova´le the great mass of white matter composing the interior of the cerebral hemisphere; the name refers to the general shape of this white core in horizontal sections of the hemisphere.c. medullare, c. ovale, medullary center, semioval center, Vicq d'Azyr's c. semiovale, Vieussens' c;
c. tendin´eum diaphrag´matis [NA] central tendon of diaphragm
c. tendin´eum perine´i [NA] central tendon of perineum
c. of a vertebra 1. the ossification center of the central mass of the body of a vertebra; 2. body of vertebra (as distinct from the arches).
Vicq d'Azyr's c. semiova´le c. semiovale
Vieussens' c. c. semiovale
Willis' c. nervo´sum celiac ganglia, under ganglion


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