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cervix , gen. cervicis , pl. cervices (ser´viks, ser´vi-sis, -sez) [NA]

1. collum 2. Any necklike structure. 3. c. of uterus [L. neck]
c. of the axon the constricted portion of the axon just before the myelin sheath begins.
c. colum´nae posterio´ris a slight constriction of the posterior gray column of the spinal cord, seen on cross-section just behind the gray commissure.
c. den´tis [NA] neck of tooth
c. u´teri [NA] c. of uterus
c. of uterus the lower part of the uterus extending from the isthmus of the uterus into the vagina. It is divided into supravaginal and vaginal parts by its passage through the vaginal wall.c. uteri [NA] , cervix (3) [NA] , neck of uterus, neck of womb;
c. vesi´cae urina´riae [NA] neck of urinary bladder


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