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character (kar´ak-ter)

An attribute in individuals that is amenable to formal and logical analysis and may be used as the basis of generalizations about classes and other statements that transcend individuality.characteristic (1); [G. kharakter, stamp, mark, fr. charasso, to engrave]
acquired c. a c. developed in a plant or animal as a result of environmental influences during the individual's life.
classifiable c. a c. that allows individuals to be sorted into distinct but not quantitative classes, e.g., blood types.
compound c. an inherited c. dependent upon two or more distinct genes.
denumerable c. classifiable c. that is also countable (e.g., number of progeny, number of teeth).discrete c;
discrete c. denumerable c
dominant c. an inherited c. determined by one kind of allele. See phenotype.
inherited c. a single attribute of an animal or plant that is transmitted at one locus from generation to generation in accordance with Mendel's law. See gene.unit c;
mendelian c. an inherited c. under the control of a single locus (although perhaps modified by genes at other loci).
primary sex c.'s the sex glands, testes or ovaries, and the accessory sex organs.
recessive c. an inherited c. determined by an allele in homozygous state only. See dominance of traits.
secondary sex c.'s those c.'s peculiar to the male or female that develop at puberty, e.g., the beard of men and the breasts of women.
sex-linked c. an inherited c. determined by a gene on a gonosome. See gene.
unit c. inherited c


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