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adhesion (ad-he´zhun)

1. The process of adhering or uniting of two surfaces or parts, especially the union of the opposing surfaces of a wound.adhesio [NA] , conglutination (1); 2. In the plural, inflammatory bands that connect opposing serous surfaces. 3. Physical attraction of unlike molecules for one another. 4. Molecular attraction existing between the surfaces of bodies in contact. [L. adhesio, to stick to]
amniotic a.'s amniotic bands, under band
fibrinous a. an a. that consists of fine threads of fibrin resulting from an exudate of plasma or lymph, or an extravasation of blood.
fibrous a. fibrous strands resulting from the organization of fibrinous a.'s.
interthalamic a. the variable connection between the two thalamic masses across the third ventricle; absent in about 20% of human brains.adhesio interthalamica [NA] , commissura cinerea, commissura grisea (1) , intermediate mass, massa intermedia;
primary a. healing by first intention
secondary a. healing by second intention


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