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cingulum , gen. cin´guli , pl. cingula (sin´gyu-lum, -le, -la) [NA]

1. girdle 2. A well-marked fiber bundle passing longitudinally in the white matter of the cingulate gyrus; the bundle extends from the region of the anterior perforated substance back over the dorsal surface of the corpus callosum; behind the latter's splenium it curves down and then forward in the white matter of the parahippocampal gyrus; composed largely of fibers from the anterior thalamic nucleus to the cingulate and parahippocampal gyri, it also contains association fibers connecting these gyri with the frontal cortex, and their various subdivisions with each other. [L. girdle, fr. cingo, to surround]
c. den´tis [NA] c. of tooth
c. mem´bri inferior´is [NA] pelvic girdle
c. mem´bri superior´is [NA] shoulder girdle
c. of tooth a U- or W-shaped ridge at the base of the lingual surface of the crown of the upper incisors and cuspid teeth, the lateral limbs running for a short distance along the linguoproximal line angles, the central portion just above the gingiva.c. dentis [NA] , basal ridge (2) , lingual lobe;


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