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clamp (klamp)

An instrument for compression of a structure. Cf. forceps. [M.E., fr. Middle Dutch klampe]
Cope's c. a c. used in excision of colon and rectum.
Crafoord c. a c. used in heart, lung, and vascular operations.
Crile's c. a c. for temporary stoppage of blood flow.
Fogarty c. a c. with rubber-shod blades having serrated surfaces, to provide an atraumatic grip on tissues.
Gant's c. a right-angled c. used in hemorrhoidectomy.
Gaskell's c. an instrument for crushing the atrioventricular bundle in experimental animals and thus producing heart block.
gingival c. a springlike metal piece encircling or grasping the cervix of a tooth and shaped so as to retract the gingival tissue.
Goldblatt's c. a c. applied experimentally to the renal artery to damp pulse pressure and thereby produce chronic hypertension by activation of the renin-angiotensin system.
Joseph's c. a c. used after rhinoplasty to maintain or improve the alignment of the bony support of the nose.
Kelly c. a curved hemostat without teeth, introduced for gynecological surgery.
Kocher c. a heavy, straight hemostat with interlocking teeth on the tip.
liver-shod c. a c. with jaws covered by cloth to prevent injury to structures such as bowel when c. is closed.
Mikulicz c. a c. used to crush walls between proximal and distal colon in two-stage colectomy.
Mixter c. a right angle c.
Mogen c. a circumcision instrument. [Hebrew star]
mosquito c. a small hemostat, straight or curved, with or without teeth; used to hold delicate tissue or for hemostasis.mosquito forceps;
Ochsner c. a straight hemostat with teeth.
patch c. patch clamping
Payr's c. a c. used in gastrectomy or enterectomy.
Potts' c. a fine-toothed, multiple-point, vascular fixation c. that imparts limited trauma to the vessel while securely holding it.
Rankin's c. a three-bladed c. used in resection of colon.
right angle c. a c. with a short 90° bend to its tip frequently used for dissection or passage of ligatures around vessels.
rubber dam c. a springlike metal piece encircling or grasping the cervix of a tooth and so shaped as to prevent a rubber dam from coming off the tooth.
rubber shod c. , rubber-shod c. a small rubber-tipped c. that holds sutures in place during surgery.


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