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cleft (kleft)

A fissure.
anal c. natal c
branchial c.'s a bilateral series of slitlike openings into the pharynx through which water is drawn by aquatic animals; in the walls of the c.'s are the vascular gill filaments that take up oxygen from the water passing through the c.'s; sometimes loosely applied to the branchial ectodermal grooves of mammalian embryos, which are imperforate, rudimentary homologues of complete gill clefts.gill c.'s;
cholesterol c. a space caused by the dissolving out of cholesterol crystals in sections of tissue embedded in paraffin.
facial c. a c. resulting from incomplete merging or fusion of embryonic processes normally uniting in the formation of the face, e.g., c. lip or c. palate.prosopoanoschisis;
first visceral c. hyomandibular c
gill c.'s branchial c.'s
gingival c. a fissure associated with pocket formation and lined by mixed gingival and pocket epithelium.
gluteal c. natal c
hyobranchial c. the c. caudal to the hyoid arch of the embryo.
hyomandibular c. the c. between the hyoid and mandibular arches of the embryo; the external auditory meatus is developed from its dorsal portion.first visceral c;
interneuromeric c.'s c.'s between the neuromeric or segmental elevations in the primitive rhombencephalon.
Larrey's c. trigonum sternocostale
Maurer's c.'s Maurer's dots, under dot
median maxillary anterior alveolar c. an asymptomatic midline defect of the maxillary anterior ridge; the result of a failure of fusion or development of the lateral halves of the palate.
natal c. the sulcus between the buttocks (nates).crena ani [NA] , anal c., crena clunium, gluteal c;
oblique facial c. prosoposchisis
pudendal c. the cleft between the labia majora.rima pudendi [NA] , fissura pudendi, pudendal cleavage, pudendal slit, rima vulvae, urogenital c., vulvar slit;
residual c. the remnants of the pituitary diverticulum that occur between the pars distalis and pars intermedia; a distinct lumen is present in some animals, but, in humans, is present only during prenatal development and sometimes in young children.residual lumen;
Schmidt-Lanterman c.'s Schmidt-Lanterman incisures, under incisure
subdural c. subdural space
synaptic c. the space about 20 nm wide between the axolemma and the postsynaptic surface. See also synapse.
urogenital c. pudendal c
visceral c. any c. between two branchial (visceral) arches in the embryo.


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