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clot (klot)

1. To coagulate, said especially of blood. 2. A soft, nonrigid, insoluble mass formed when a liquid (e.g., blood or lymph) gels. [O.E. klott, lump]
agonal c. intravascular thrombosis ascribed to the process of dying.
antemortem c. a blood c., found at autopsy, formed in any of the heart cavities or the great vessels before death.
blood c. the coagulated phase of blood; the soft, coherent, jelly-like red mass resulting from the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin, thereby entrapping the red blood cells (and other formed elements) within the coagulated plasma.
chicken fat c. c. formed in vitro or postmortem from leukocytes and plasma of sedimented blood.
currant jelly c. a jelly-like mass of red blood cells and fibrin formed by the in vitro or postmortem clotting of whole or sedimented blood.
laminated c. a c. formed in a succession of layers such as occurs in the natural course of an aneurysm.
passive c. a c. formed in an aneurysmal sac consequent to the cessation or slowing of circulation through the aneurysm.
postmortem c. a c. formed in the heart or great vessels after death.
Schede's c. See Schede's method.


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