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coagulation (ko-ag-yu-la´shun)

1. Clotting; the process of changing from a liquid to a solid, said especially of blood (i.e., blood c.). In vertebrates, blood c. is a result of cascade regulation from fibrin. 2. A clot or coagulum. 3. Transformation of a sol into a gel or semisolid mass; e.g., the c. of the white of an egg by means of boiling. In any colloidal suspension, the dispersion of the disperse phase from the continuous phase is greatly reduced, thereby leading to a complete or partial separation of the latter; usually an irreversible phenomenon unless the basic nature of the substance is chemically altered.
disseminated intravascular c. (DIC) a hemorrhagic syndrome which occurs following the uncontrolled activation of clotting factors and fibrinolytic enzymes throughout small blood vessels; fibrin is deposited, platelets and clotting factors are consumed, and fibrin degradation products inhibit fibrin polymerization, resulting in tissue necrosis and bleeding. See also consumption coagulopathy.


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