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codon (ko´don)

A set of three consecutive nucleotides in a strand of DNA or RNA that provides the genetic information to code for a specific amino acid which will be incorporated into a protein chain or serve as a termination signal.triplet (3); [code + -on]
amber c. the termination codon UAG.
initiating c. the trinucleotide AUG (or sometimes GUG) that codes for the first amino acid in protein sequences, formylmethionine; the latter is often removed post-transcriptionally.start c;
initiation c. a specific mRNA sequence (usually AUG, but sometimes GUG) that is the signal for the addition of fMet-tRNA and the beginning of translation.
nonsense c. termination c
ochre c. the termination c. UAA.
opal c. umber c
punctuation c. termination c
start c. initiating c
stop c. termination c
termination c. trinucleotide sequence (UAA, UGA, or UAG) that specifies the end of translation or transcription. Cf. amber c., ochre c., umber c. nonsense c., punctuation c., stop c., termination sequence;
umber c. the termination c. UGA.opal c;


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