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colic (kol´ik)

1. Relating to the colon. 2. Spasmodic pains in the abdomen. 3. In young infants, paroxysms of gastrointestinal pain, with crying and irritability, due to a variety of causes, such as swallowing of air, emotional upset, or overfeeding. [G. kolikos, relating to the colon]
appendicular c. colicky pain occurring early in acute appendicitis.vermicular c;
biliary c. intense spasmodic pain felt in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen from impaction of a gallstone in the cystic duct.gallstone c., hepatic c;
copper c. an affection similar to lead c. occurring in chronic poisoning by copper.
Devonshire c. lead c
gallstone c. biliary c
gastric c. colicky pain associated with gastritis or peptic ulcer.
hepatic c. biliary c
infantile c. episodes of abdominal pain due to abnormal muscular contraction of the intestine in infants.
lead c. severe colicky abdominal pain, with constipation, symptomatic of lead poisoning.Devonshire c., painter's c., Poitou c., saturnine c;
meconial c. abdominal pain of newborn infants.
menstrual c. intermittent cramp-like lower abdominal pains associated with menstruation.
milk c. enterotoxemia
ovarian c. lower abdominal pain due to torsion or twisting of an ovary, as with an ovarian cyst.
painter's c. lead c
pancreatic c. severe colicky abdominal pain, resembling that of biliary c., caused by the passage of a pancreatic calculus.
Poitou c. lead c
renal c. severe colicky pain caused by the impaction or passage of a calculus in the ureter or renal pelvis.
salivary c. periodic attacks of pain in the region of a salivary duct or gland, accompanied by an acute swelling of the gland, occurring in cases of salivary calculus.
saturnine c. lead c
tubal c. lower abdominal pain due to spasmodic contraction of the oviduct excited by a blood clot, other irritant, or the injection of gas or oil.
ureteral c. paroxysm of pain due to abrupt obstruction of ureter from a calculus or blood clot in most instances.
uterine c. painful cramps of the uterine muscle sometimes occurring at the menstrual period, or in association with uterine disease.
vermicular c. appendicular c
zinc c. c. resulting from chronic zinc poisoning.


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