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collodion (ko-lo´de-on)

A liquid made by dissolving pyroxylin or gun cotton in ether and alcohol; on evaporation it leaves a glossy contractile film; used as a protective for cuts or as a vehicle for the local application of medicinal substances.collodium; [Mod. L. collodium, fr. G. kolla, glue]
blistering c. cantharidal c
cantharidal c. a powdered chloroform extract of cantharides in flexible c.; a vesicant.blistering c., c. vesicans;
flexible c. a mixture of camphor, castor oil, and c., or a mixture of castor oil, Canada turpentine, and c., used for the same purposes as c., but its film possesses the advantage, for certain conditions, of not contracting.
hemostatic c. styptic c
iodized c. a 5% solution of iodine in flexible c.; a counterirritant.
salicylic acid c. a keratolytic agent used in the treatment of corns and verrucae.
styptic c. tannic acid in flexible c.; an astringent and local hemostatic.hemostatic c., styptic colloid, xylostyptic ether;
c. vesicans cantharidal c


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