colon (ko´lon) [NA]

The division of the large intestine extending from the cecum to the rectum. [G. kolon]
c. ascen´dens [NA] ascending c
ascending c. the portion of the c. between the ileocecal orifice and the right colic flexure.c. ascendens [NA];
c. descen´dens [NA] descending c
descending c. the part of the c. extending from the left colic flexure to the pelvic brim.c. descendens [NA];
giant c. megacolon
iliac c. that portion of the descending c. which occupies the left iliac fossa, between the crest of the left ilium and the pelvic brim.
irritable c. tendency to colonic hyperperistalsis, sometimes with colicky pains and diarrhea.
lead-pipe c. the scarred rigid c. of advanced ulcerative colitis.
mucosa of c. the lining coat of the colon.tunica mucosa coli [NA];
c. pelvi´num sigmoid c
sigmoid c. the part of the c. describing an S-shaped curve between the pelvic brim and the third sacral segment; it is continuous with the rectum.c. sigmoideum [NA] , c. pelvinum, flexura sigmoidea, sigmoid flexure;
c. sigmoi´deum [NA] sigmoid c
spastic c. nonspecific term used to describe symptoms such as abdominal pain, flatulence, and alternating diarrhea with constipation thought to reflect increased muscular function of the colon.
transverse c. B>the part of the c. between the right and left colic flexures. It may extend somewhat transversely across the abdomen, but more often sags centally, frequently to subumbilical levels.c. transversum [NA];
c. transver´sum [NA] transverse c


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