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color (kul´or)

1. That aspect of the appearance of objects and light sources that may be specified as to hue, lightness (brightness), and saturation. 2. That portion of the visible (370-760 nm) electromagnetic spectrum specified as to wavelength, luminosity, and purity. [L.]
complementary c.'s pairs of different colors of light that produce white light when combined.
confusion c.'s a set of c.'s (usually of colored wools), cream, buff, pale blue, gray, brown, green, violet, etc., used in tests for c. blindness.
extrinsic c. c. applied to the external surface of a dental prosthesis.
incidental c. an obsolete term for a c. impression that remains after removal of the source. See also afterimage.
intrinsic c. the addition of c. pigment within the material of a dental prosthesis.
opponent c. pairs of c. that share c. channels in the retina (red-green, blue-yellow, black-white).
primary c. the three c.'s of the retinal cone pigments (red, green, blue) that may be combined to match any hue.simple c;
pure c. a visual sensation produced by light of a specific wavelength.
reflected c.'s those c.'s seen in light falling upon a pigmented surface.
saturated c. a c. containing a minimum amount of whiteness.
simple c. primary c
structural c. a c. created by an optical effect (e.g., via interference, refraction, or diffraction). Many naturally occurring blues fall in this class. Cf. natural pigment. schemochromes;
tone c. timbre


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