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commissura , gen and pl. commissurae (kom-i-syur´a, -syur´e) [NA]

commissure [L. a joining together, seam, fr. com- mitto, to send together, combine]
c. al´ba [NA] white commissure
c. ante´rior [NA] anterior commissure
c. ante´rior gris´ea See substantia intermedia centralis et lateralis.
c. bulbor´um * official alternate term for commissure of vestibular bulb
c. cine´rea interthalamic adhesion
c. colliculo´rum inferi´orum See commissure of inferior colliculi.
c. colliculo´rum superio´rum See commissure of superior colliculus.
c. for´nicis [NA] the triangular subcallosal plate of commissural fibers resulting from the converging of the right and left fornix bundles which exchange numerous fibers and which curve back in the contralateral fornix to end in the hippocampus of the opposite side.c. hippocampi, commissure of fornix, delta fornicis, hippocampal commissure, psalterium (1) , transverse fornix;
c. gris´ea 1. interthalamic adhesion 2. See substantia intermedia centralis et lateralis.
c. habenula´rum [NA] the connection between the right and left habenular nuclei; the decussation of fibers of the two striae medullares, forming the dorsal portion of the peduncle of the pineal body.commissure of habenulae, habenular commissure;
c. hippocam´pi c. fornicis
c. labio´rum [NA] commissure of lips
c. labio´rum ante´rior [NA] anterior labial commissure
c. labio´rum poste´rior [NA] posterior labial commissure
c. palpebra´rum latera´lis [NA] lateral palpebral commissure
c. palpebra´rum media´lis [NA] medial palpebral commissure
c. poste´rior cer´ebri [NA] a thin band of white matter, crossing from side to side beneath the habenula of the pineal body and over the aditus ad aqueductum cerebri; it is largely composed of fibers interconnecting the left and right pretectal region and related cell groups of the midbrain; dorsally, it marks the junction of the diencephalon and mesencephalon.posterior cerebral commissure;
c. poste´rior gris´ea See substantia intermedia centralis et lateralis.
commissu´rae supraop´ticae [NA] the commissural fibers that lie above and behind the optic chiasm.Ganser's commissures, Gudden's commissures, Meynert's commissures, supraoptic commissures;
c. ventra´lis al´ba white commissure


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