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commissure (kom´i-syur)

1. Angle or corner of the eye, lips, or labia. 2. A bundle of nerve fibers passing from one side to the other in the brain or spinal cord.commissura [NA];
anterior c. a round bundle of nerve fibers that crosses the midline of the brain near the anterior limit of the third ventricle. It consists of a smaller anterior part, the fibers of which pass in part to the olfactory bulbs, and a larger posterior part, which interconnects the left and right temporal lobes.commissura anterior [NA];
anterior labial c. the junction of the labia majora anteriorly at the mons pubis.commissura labiorum anterior [NA];
anterior white c. white c
c. of cerebral hemispheres corpus callosum
c. of fornix commissura fornicis
Ganser's c.'s commissurae supraopticae, under commissura
Gudden's c.'s commissurae supraopticae, under commissura
c. of habenulae commissura habenularum
habenular c. commissura habenularum
hippocampal c. commissura fornicis
c. of inferior colliculi nerve fibers on the midline between the two inferior colliculi connecting the colliculi and containing some fibers originating from nontectal nuclei.
labial c. junction of upper and lower lip which occurs at corner of mouth. See also angle of mouth.
lateral palpebral c. the union of the upper and lower eyelids adjacent to the lateral angle.commissura palpebrarum lateralis [NA];
c. of lips the junction of the lips lateral to the angle of the mouth.commissura labiorum [NA] , junction of lips;
medial palpebral c. the union of the upper and lower eyelids adjacent to the medial angle.commissura palpebrarum medialis [NA];
Meynert's c.'s commissurae supraopticae, under commissura
posterior cerebral c. commissura posterior cerebri
posterior labial c. a slight fold uniting the labia majora posteriorly in front of the anus.commissura labiorum posterior [NA];
c. of superior colliculus nerve fibers interconnecting corresponding and noncorresponding portions of the two superior colliculi across the midline; may contain fibers originating outside the tectum.
supraoptic c.'s commissurae supraopticae, under commissura
c. of vestibular bulb a narrow median band that connects the two masses of erectile tissue (the bulbus vestibuli) on either side of the vaginal intermedia commissura bulborum [NA] , commissura bulborum, intermediate part of vestibular bulb, pars intermedia bulborum;
Wernekinck's c. the decussation of the brachia conjunctiva before their entrance into the red nucleus of the tegmentum.
white c. a narrow band of white substance bordering on the anterior median fissure of the spinal cord in front of the anterior gray commissure, and consisting of nerve fibers crossing over from one half of the spinal cord to the other.commissura alba [NA] , anterior white c., commissura ventralis alba, ventral white column;


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