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congestion (kon-jes´chun)

Presence of an abnormal amount of fluid in the vessels or passages of a part or organ; especially, of blood due either to increased influx or to an obstruction to the return flow. See also hyperemia. [L. congestio, a bringing together, a heap, fr. con-gero, pp. -gestus, to bring together]
active c. c. due to an increased flow of arterial blood to a part.
brain c. increased volume of the intravascular compartment of the brain; often associated with brain swelling.encephalemia;
functional c. hyperemia occurring during functional activity of an organ.physiologic c;
hypostatic c. c. due to pooling of venous blood in a dependent part.hypostasis (2);
passive c. c. caused by obstruction or slowing of the venous drainage, resulting in partial stagnation of blood in the capillaries and venules.
physiologic c. functional c
venous c. overfilling and distention of the veins with blood as a result of mechanical obstruction or right ventricular failure.


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