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connection (ko-nek´shun)

A union of elements or things; a connecting structure.connexus [NA] , conexus [NA];
ambiguous atrioventricular c.'s c.'s in which half the atrioventricular junction is connected concordantly and the other half is discordantly connected.
atrioventricular c.'s the five distinct and discrete ways in which the atrial chambers may be connected to the ventricles are concordant, discordant, ambiguous, double inlet, and univentricular.
concordant atrioventricular c.'s c.'s in which the atrial chambers connect to the morphologically appropriate ventricles.
discordant atrioventricular c.'s c.'s in which each atrium is connected with a morphologically inappropriate ventricle.
double inlet atrioventricular c.'s c.'s in which both atrial chambers connect to the same ventricle.
intertendinous c.'s fibrous bands passing obliquely between the diverging tendons of the extensor digitorum on the dorsum of the hand.connexus intertendineus [NA] , conexus intertendineus [NA] , juncturae tendinum;
total or partial anomalous pulmonary venous c.'s c.'s in which some or all of the pulmonary veins connect to the right atrium or one of its tributaries.
univentricular c.'s c.'s in which one of the atrial chambers is connected to a ventricle, but the other has no connection with the ventricular mass at all.


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