content (kon´tent)

1. That which is contained within something else, usually in this sense in the plural form, contents. 2. In psychology, the form of a dream as presented to consciousness. 3. Ambiguous usage for concentration (3); e.g., blood hemoglobin c. could mean either its concentration or the product of its concentration and the blood volume. [L. contentus, fr. con- tineo, pp. -tentus, to hold together, contain]
carbon dioxide c. the total carbon dioxide available from serum or plasma following addition of acid; measured routinely in hospital laboratories as a component of electrolyte profiles.
GC c. the amount of guanine and cytosine in a polynucleic acid usually expressed in mole fraction (or percentage) of total bases; the melting temperature of such biopolymers varies with the GC c.
latent c. the hidden, unconscious meaning of thoughts or actions, especially in dreams or fantasies.
manifest c. those elements of fantasy and dreams which are consciously available and reportable.


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