contracture (kon-trak´chur)

Static muscle shortening due to tonic spasm or fibrosis, or to loss of muscular balance, the antagonists being paralyzed. [L. contractura, fr. con-traho, to draw together]
Dupuytren's c. a disease of the palmar fascia resulting in thickening and shortening of fibrous bands on the palmar surface of the hand and fingers.
fixed c. organic c
functional c. muscular shortening that ceases during sleep or general anesthesia, caused by prolonged active muscle contraction.
ischemic c. of the left ventricle irreversible contraction of the left ventricle of the heart as a complication seen in the early period of cardiopulmonary bypass and now avoided by appropriate cardioplegic solutions.myocardial rigor mortis, stone heart;
organic c. c., usually due to fibrosis within the muscle that persists whether the subject is conscious or unconscious.fixed c;
Volkmann's c. ischemic c. resulting from irreversible necrosis of muscle tissue, produced by a compartment syndrome; classically involves the forearm flexor muscles.


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