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cord (kord)

1. In anatomy, any long ropelike structure. A small, cordlike structure composed of several to many longitudinally oriented fibers, vessels, ducts, or combinations thereof. See also chorda. 2. In histopathology, a line of tumor cells only one cell in width.funiculus [NA] , funicle; [L. chorda, a string]
Bergmann's c.'s medullary striae of fourth ventricle, under stria
Billroth's c.'s splenic c.'s
condyle c. condylar axis
dental c. an aggregation of epithelial cells forming the rudimentary enamel organ.
false vocal c. vestibular fold
Ferrein's c.'s See vocal fold.
gangliated c. sympathetic trunk
genital c. one of a pair of mesenchymal ridges bulging into the caudal part of the celom of a young embryo and containing the mesonephric and paramesonephric duct.
germinal c.'s the gonadal c.'s of the embryonic ovary or c.'s;
gonadal c.'s columns of germinal and follicle cells penetrating centripetally into the embryonic ovarian or testicular cortex.
gubernacular c. the content of the gubernacular canal, usually composed of remnants of dental lamina and connective tissue.
hepatic c.'s liver laminae as seen in sections.
lateral c. of brachial plexus in the brachial plexus, the bundle of nerve fibers formed by the anterior divisions of the superior and middle trunks which is located lateral to the axillary artery. This cord gives off the lateral pectoral nerve and terminates by dividing into the musculocutaneous nerve and the lateral root of the median nerve.fasciculus lateralis plexus brachialis [NA];
lymph c.'s medullary c.'s (1)
medial c. of brachial plexus in the brachial plexus, the bundle of nerve fibers formed by the anterior division of the inferior trunk which lies medial to the axillary artery; it gives off the medial pectoral nerve, the medial brachial cutaneous, and medial antebrachial cutaneous, nerves and end by dividing into the medial root of the median nerves and the ulnar nerve.fasciculus medialis plexus brachialis [NA];
medullary c.'s 1. c.'s of dense lymphoid tissue between the sinuses in the medulla of a lymph node;lymph c.'s; 2. rete c.'s
nephrogenic c. a longitudinal dorsolateral tract of mesoderm derived from intermediate mesoderm; the primordium for both mesonephric and metanephric tubules.
oblique c. oblique ligament of elbow joint
omphalomesenteric c. vitelline c
posterior c. of brachial plexus in the brachial plexus, the bundle of nerve fibers formed by the posterior divisions of the upper, middle and lower trunks which lies posterior to the axillary artery; it gives rise to the upper and lower subscapular and thoracodorsal nerves, terminates by dividing into the axillary, and radial nerves.fasciculus posterior plexus brachialis [NA];
psalterial c. stria vascularis of cochlea
red pulp c.'s splenic c.'s
rete c.'s primordial cell c.'s (medullary c.'s and sex c.'s) in the embryonic gonads that connect with some of the mesonephric tubules and from which the rete testis of the male and the rete ovarii of the female develop.medullary c.'s (2);
sex c.'s germinal c.'s
spermatic c. the cord formed by the ductus deferens and its associated structures extending from the deep inguinal ring through the inguinal canal into the scrotum. See also coverings of spermatic cord, under covering.funiculus spermaticus [NA] , chorda spermatica, testicular c., torsion testis;
spinal c. the elongated cylindrical portion of the cerebrospinal axis, or central nervous system, which is contained in the spinal or vertebral canal.medulla spinalis [NA] , chorda spinalis, spinal marrow;
splenic c.'s the tissue occurring between the venous sinuses in the spleen.Billroth's c.'s, red pulp c.'s;
tendinous c.'s chordae tendineae, under chorda
testicular c. spermatic c
testis c.'s the germinal c.'s of the embryonic testis.
true vocal c. vocal fold
c. of tympanum chorda tympani
umbilical c. the definitive connecting stalk between the embryo or fetus and the placenta; at birth it is primarily composed of Wharton's jelly in which the umbilical vessels are embedded.funiculus umbilicalis [NA] , chorda umbilicalis, funis (1);
vitelline c. a persistent yolk stalk in the form of a solid cord of tissue connecting ileum to umbilicus.omphalomesenteric c;
vocal c. vocal fold
Weitbrecht's c. oblique ligament of elbow joint
Wilde's c.'s transverse markings on the corpus callosum.
Willis' c.'s several fibrous c.'s crossing the superior sagittal sinus.chordae willisii;


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