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cornea (kor´ne-a) [NA]

The transparent tissue constituting the anterior sixth of the outer wall of the eye, with a 7.7 mm radius of curvature as contrasted with the 13.5 mm of the sclera; it consists of stratified squamous epithelium continuous with that of the conjunctiva, a substantia propria, substantially regularly arranged collagen imbedded in mucopolysaccharide, and an inner layer of endothelium. It is the chief refractory structure of the eye. [L. fem. of corneus, horny]
conical c. keratoconus
c. farina´ta bilateral speckling of the posterior part of the corneal stroma.floury c;
floury c. c. farinata
c. uri´ca bilateral deposition of crystalline deposits of urea and sodium urate within corneal stroma.
c. verticilla´ta congenital whorl-like opacities in the c.Fleischer's vortex;


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