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corona , pl. coronae (ko-ro´na, -ne) [NA]

crown [L. garland, crown, fr. G. korone]
c. cap´itis the topmost part of the of head;
c. cilia´ris [NA] the circular figure on the inner surface of the ciliary body, formed by the processes and folds (plicae) taken together.ciliary crown, ciliary wreath;
c. clin´ica [NA] clinical crown
c. den´tis [NA] crown of tooth
c. glan´dis [NA] c. of glans penis
c. of glans penis the prominent posterior border of the glans penis.c. glandis [NA];
c. radia´ta 1. [NA], a fan-shaped fiber mass on the white matter of the cerebral cortex, composed of the widely radiating fibers of the internal capsule; 2. a single layer of columnar cells derived from the cumulus oophorus, which anchor on the pellucid zone of the oocyte in a secondary follicle.radiate crown;
c. seborrhe´ica a red band at the hair line along the upper border of the forehead and temples occasionally observed in seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp.
c. vene´ris papular syphilitic lesions (secondary eruption) along the anterior margin of the scalp or on the back of the neck. See also crown of Venus.
Zinn's c. vascular circle of optic nerve


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