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cough (kawf)

1. A sudden explosive forcing of air through the glottis, occurring immediately on opening the previously closed glottis, and excited by mechanical or chemical irritation of the trachea or bronchi, or by pressure from adjacent structures. 2. To force air through the glottis by a series of expiratory efforts. [echoic]
aneurysmal c. c. due to impingement of an aortic aneurysm on the recurrent laryngeal nerve or other nearby structures.
brassy c. loud metallic barking c. caused by subglottic edema.
kennel c. an imprecise term which has been used for a number of diseases in dogs which are characterized by bronchitis and caused by a variety of infectious agents.
privet c. an allergic c., occurring in China during May and June, supposed to be caused by inhalation of the pollen of a species of privet (Lingustrum); it is analogous to the laurel fever seen in New England.
reflex c. a c. excited reflexly by irritation in some distant part, as the ear or the stomach.
weaver's c. obsolete term for c., dyspnea, and sense of constriction of the chest, caused in persons working with mildewed yarns.
whooping c. pertussis


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