crease (kres)

A line or linear depression as produced by a fold. See also fold, groove, line.
digital c. one of the grooves on the palmar surface of a finger, at the level of an interphalangeal flexion c., digital furrow;
digital flexion c. digital c
ear lobe c. a diagonal c. found on one or both earlobes with a possible connection to coronary heart disease in males.
flexion c. a permanent c. in the skin on the flexor aspect of a movable joint.
palmar c. any of the several flexion c.'s normally found on the palm of the hand, occurring proximal to, but as a consequence of flexion at, the metacarpophalangeal joints.
simian c. a single transverse palmar c. formed by fusion of the distal and proximal palmar c.'s, so called because of its similarity to the transverse flexion crease seen in some monkeys; a common but not pathognomonic feature of Down's syndrome.
Sydney c. a variation of the proximal transverse palmar flexion c. that reaches the ulnar side of the palm; associated with acute lymphocytic anemia in early childhood, rubella embryopathy, and Down's syndrome.Sydney line;


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