crescent (kres´ent)

1. Any figure of the shape of the moon in its first quarter. 2. The figure made by the gray columns or cornua on cross-section of the spinal cord. 3. malarial c [L. cresco, pp. cretus, to grow]
articular c. articular meniscus
Giannuzzi's c.'s serous demilunes, under demilune
glomerular c. proliferated epithelial cells partly encircling a renal glomerulus; it occurs in glomerulonephritis.
Heidenhain's c.'s serous demilunes, under demilune
malarial c. the male or female gametocyte(s) of Plasmodium falciparum, whose presence in human red blood cells is diagnostic of falciparum malaria.crescent (3) , sickle form;
myopic c. a white or grayish white crescentic area in the fundus of the eye located on the temporal side of the optic disk; caused by atrophy of the choroid, permitting the sclera to become visible.myopic conus;
sublingual c. the crescent-shaped area on the floor of the mouth formed by the lingual wall of the mandible and the adjacent part of the floor of the mouth.


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