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crista , pl. cristae (kris´ta, -te) [NA]

crest [L. crest]
c. ampulla´ris [NA] ampullary crest
c. arcua´ta cartila´ginis arytenoi´deae [NA] arcuate crest of arytenoid cartilage
c. basila´ris duc´tus cochlea´ris [NA] basilar crest of cochlear duct
c. buccinator´ia buccinator crest
c. cap´itis cos´tae [NA] crest of head of rib
c. col´li cos´tae [NA] crest of neck of rib
c. concha´lis [NA] conchal crest
c. concha´lis max´illae conchal crest of maxilla
c. concha´lis os´sis palati´ni conchal crest of palatine bone
cris´tae cu´tis [NA] epidermal ridges, under ridge
c. denta´lis dental crest
c. div´idens the lower free edge of the septum secundum, forming the upper margin of the fetal foramen ovale; the limbus of the foramen ovale.
c. ethmoida´lis [NA] ethmoidal crest
c. ethmoida´lis max´illae ethmoidal crest of maxilla
c. ethmoida´lis os´sis palati´ni ethmoidal crest of palatine bone
c. fenes´trae coch´leae [NA] crest of fenestrae cochleae
c. fronta´lis [NA] frontal crest
c. gal´li [NA] the triangular midline process of the ethmoid bone extending superiorly from the cribriform plate; it gives anterior attachment to the falx cerebri.
c. glu´tea gluteal tuberosity
c. hel´icis crus of helix
c. ili´aca [NA] iliac crest
c. infratempora´lis [NA] infratemporal crest
c. intertrochanter´ica [NA] intertrochanteric crest
c. lacrima´lis ante´rior [NA] anterior lacrimal crest
c. lacrima´lis poste´rior [NA] posterior lacrimal crest
c. margina´lis [NA] marginal crest
cris´tae ma´tricis un´guis [NA] crests of nail bed, under crest
c. media´lis fi´bulae [NA] medial crest of fibula
cristae of mitochondria , cris´tae mitochondria´les shelflike infoldings of the inner membrane of a mitochondrion.
c. mus´culi supinato´ris [NA] supinator crest
c. nasa´lis [NA] nasal crest
c. obturato´ria [NA] obturator crest
c. occipita´lis exter´na [NA] external occipital crest
c. occipita´lis inter´na [NA] internal occipital crest
c. palati´na [NA] crest of palatine bone
c. phal´lica urethral crest of male
c. pu´bica [NA] pubic crest
c. quar´ta a ridge that projects into the posterior end of the lateral semicircular duct of the labyrinth.
cris´tae sacra´les interme´diae intermediate sacral crests, under crest
cris´tae sacra´les latera´les lateral sacral crests, under crest
c. sacra´lis [NA] sacral crest
c. sacra´lis median´a median sacral crest
c. sphenoida´lis [NA] sphenoid crest
c. spira´lis [NA] spiral ligament of cochlea
c. supracondyla´ris latera´lis [NA] lateral supracondylar ridge
c. supracondyla´ris media´lis [NA] medial supracondylar ridge
c. supramastoi´dea [NA] supramastoid crest
c. supraventricula´ris [NA] supraventricular crest
c. termina´lis [NA] a vertical crest on the interior wall of the right atrium that lies to the right of the sinus of the vena cava and separates this from the remainder of the right atrium.tenia terminalis, terminal crest;
c. transver´sa [NA] transverse crest of internal acoustic meatus
c. transversa´lis [NA] a crest or ridge on the occlusal surface of a tooth formed by the union of two triangular crests.transverse crest (2) , transverse ridge;
c. triangula´ris [NA] a crest or ridge which extends from the apex of a cusp of a premolar or molar tooth toward the central part of the occlusal surface.triangular crest, triangular ridge;
c. tuber´culi majo´ris [NA] crest of greater tubercle
c. tuber´culi mino´ris [NA] crest of lesser tubercle
c. urethra´lis [NA] urethral crest
c. urethra´lis femini´nae urethral crest of female
c. urethra´lis masculi´nae urethral crest of male
c. vestib´uli [NA] vestibular crest


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