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cross (kros)

1. Any figure in the shape of a c. formed by two intersecting lines.crux 2. crux of heart 3. A method of hybridization or the hybrid so produced. [F. croix, L. crux]
back c. the mating between an animal that is homozygous at a locus of interest and an animal that is heterozygous, commonly from the same ancestral stock.
double back c. a mating that is a back c. at each of two loci of interest; of special value and importance in linkage analysis.
hair c.'s cruces pilorum, under crux
Ranvier's c.'s black or brown figures in the shape of a c., marking Ranvier's nodes in the longitudinal section of a nerve stained with silver nitrate.
test c. in experimental genetics, a deliberate mating designed to test claims about the pattern of inheritance of one or more traits.


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